Sesame Street Let's Rock Elmo

Let's Rock Elmo for saleThis guy is amazing isn't he? It seems like every year Elmo is near the top of the list for the most desirable toy and this year is no different. Another #1 smash hit and this year Elmo is on the top of the charts with a fun rockin' toy that kids are already placing at the top of the "Dear Santa" lists. 

Interactive and fun, Sesame Street's Let's Rock Elmo allows preschoolers to make music with the beloved Muppet character. Designed for children 18 months to four years, this easy-to-operate Elmo toy encourages aspiring musicians to join him as he sings and plays six rollicking and educational songs.

This toy's ability to interact will delight young Elmo fans. This Elmo does a great job of encouraging children to join him in making music. Elmo's rocking version of the Alphabet Song makes learning the ABCs fun, while other songs encourage physical activity such as dancing, jumping, and clapping.

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play school "lets rock Elmo"

play school "lets rock Elmo"

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